Welcome to the GPMD

The GPMD is a unique ‘North-South’ network that brings together 18 practitioner organizations from all over the world that support political parties in developing democracies.

Political parties play an essential role in democracies. On this website, you can read more about our activities and why we think it’s important to invest in the political sector, particularly in emerging or developing democracies.

Political party support matters

Political parties are at the heart of representative democracy. They fulfil a unique role by linking the state and society through their participation in parliaments and governments. Unfortunately, political parties often struggle to fulfill their democratic roles, especially in developing democracies. They are often poorly organized and may not be solidly rooted in society.

The GPMD believes that, when political parties have the skills to develop policy programmes, and when they trust each other and are willing to work together for the common good, this will lead to better functioning democracies and ultimately to improved governance and sustainable development. Therefore, it is important to include them in democracy assistance and development aid.